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Aqua Regen Kinetics Systems

Greensource Engineering (GSE) proudly presents our patented Aqua Regen Kinetics Systems (ARK) a zero liquid discharge recycling system. This innovative system is seamlessly integrated with GSE’s cutting-edge Resolution HTM Horizontal and Resolution VTM Vertical Wet Processing Equipment. While primarily conceived to function as a component of a comprehensive system, our ARK system is versatile and can be adapted to enhance existing liquid discharge wastewater processes.


  • Design Versatility: Our system is fully scalable, ensuring adaptability to meet varying throughput demands.
  • Process Expertise: We possess in-depth knowledge of current PCB and IC substrate processes, guaranteeing optimum purity levels.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility: Greensource Fabrication in Charlestown, New Hampshire serves as our advanced Beta-site facility, showcasing our high-end work mix capabilities.
  • Ongoing Innovation: We are committed to continuous R&D, focusing on achieving greater efficiency in copper processing.
  • Global Network: With our globally experienced partners, we guarantee robust process support for clients worldwide.

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In Wastewater Recycling Systems.



The GreenSource ARK system is meticulously engineered to treat waters involved in electronic circuit technology production and general metal finishing production, ensuring they're perfectly conditioned to be reintroduced into the manufacturing process. Embracing a closed-loop approach, our system is a testament to sustainable and efficient water management.

The Greenousource Ark System

The GreenSource ARK system harnesses two primary waste stream pathways. Firstly, the ARK component processes concentrated rinse water and spent chemistry, directing the resulting distillates to the dilute segment. Secondly, the dilute phase addresses water rinses, ensuring they are supplied with adequate water to achieve electronic grade dilution factors for horizontal and vertical rinsing. Efficiently catered, our system ensures optimal water treatment and resource utilization.

GreenSource ARK are currently providing, production verified, technical solutions within the electronics industry at 3 sites within the USA.